Take care of yourself

Let me start by saying this: We only got 1 live. You might believe in reincarnation, but no matter what you believe or how you turn the story around: You always got to start from scratch. You are born and you end up under the earth or in an urn.

The available time to make the most out of our life is pretty limited. When we are young we tend not to appreciate this and waste precious time on plenty of useless tasks: Watching TV, playing video games, “liking” cat pictures on your friends Facebook, sleeping off hangovers, etc. – just to name a few.

There comes a point when we realize how much time has actually been wasted on such useless tasks and believe me, it can be a very frustrating moment. Sure, we need relaxation and free time and can’t be constantly working, learning, adding new skills or perfecting existing ones. But, we just really should appreciate the time we have and try to make the best out of it.

Having said all that, let me tell you why I bring this whole thing up: Considering that our time is limited and we should try to make the best out of it, spending most of this time at work seems just not right. I don’t believe that working all your life just to get by makes any sense. I got no problem with being active, creative and certainly, I got no problem at all with earning money. It just shouldn’t be something that you HAVE to do just to ensure that you have something to eat in your fridge, that you are able to send your kid’s to school and that you can handle your medical expenses when they come up occasionally.

Unfortunately, our society is built upon exactly this model. While some systems provide better social security than others, ultimately the overall idea is the same all around the world. The majority of the population gets by on a day to day basis, earning just enough to make it until the end of each month with little room to generate some savings and being hardly able to afford 2 weeks of vacation once a year. They spend a large part of their lives in exactly this manner, craving for the time when they hope they can finally escape into retirement, only to realize that their health has deteriorated, their financials may not be enough to do what they were hoping for and that on top they already forgot how to have a life without their daily commute to work.

There is, of course, a small minority earning significantly more, working significantly less and having much more time & money to take care of themselves at a much earlier point.

For most parts, this minority is somehow directing, entertaining, managing, or in any other way influencing a poor-to-middle-income majority. And when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. While we are constantly adding money to the markets, the basic rule is still valid: For one person to have a lot of money, many other people need to have much less. And while everything in our society might suggest that there are people in charge who care about you, either in your company or government, the fact is that you are out there on your own. Realizing this is the first step and the second step got to follow up immediately: You really need to start taking care of yourself.

It’s kind of a sad setup, isn’t it? Maybe. But it also gives clarity about what you have to do and where your focus should be upon.

Obviously, there are also other things than money to worry about, but the words life & freedom only start to make sense together when the basics are covered and your most pressing worries about food and shelter are gone for good.

And this is what this blog is all about. So how do you get to the point that you can cover the basics – without working? The 2 magic words are Passive Income and this will be the topic for one of the next posts to come.

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