Enter The Rat Race

My blog is all about getting out of the rat race and I believe if anybody finds his way to this website, he or she will already have a pretty clear idea of what the rat race is, but I will give it a shot anyway and try to dig a little deeper into this term and especially how one gets into the rat race in the first place.

How you get into the Rat Race

This is probably the biggest drag of all and let me start by saying that unless you are born into a wealthy family, there is simply no way around it. Sooner or later you will have to become a part of this never-ending, spinning, hamster wheel that we call work & life. It’s very hard to pinpoint exactly how and when you get into it, but it’s basically the moment when you are required to earn money to make a living and get pushed into the workforce.

For some people, this may be right after high school. For others, even earlier or much later. But when the time comes that you want to or have to stand on your own feet and take control over your life, this is when the cage opens, you get pushed in and the rat race starts.

It’s kind of ironic. For me, I was trying to get out of my parents’ place as soon as possible with the aim to finally be in charge and get full control over my life. Staying with my family, I always felt as if I would be in a cage with so many restrictions on what I could and could not do.

As it turns out, leaving the warm and cozy cage which I was living in with my family resulted only in moving on to another, larger cage. I had the false belief that I would gain some kind of freedom and in the beginning, it certainly felt that way. I had to start from scratch and my new room was much less comfortable compared to my former family apartment. But I could bring friends over whenever I wanted, I could party and go out as I pleased. I also could decorate it the way I wanted, the fridge was empty for most parts but the things that were in it were the things I liked. It felt like I could do “my thing”.

There was only this small but very annoying detail. Suddenly, I needed money for everything. And getting money to do all the things I wanted to do took up a lot of time and effort, so much, that suddenly I had no time to actually do all the things that I wanted to do. Does this make sense?

Probably the worst part of getting into the rat race is that it takes some time to realize that you are trapped. Funny enough, especially when you think that you get on the right track, pour time and money into your education and start a career, a family… all you really do is actually shrinking the cage and getting trapped even tighter. Day by day, penny by penny. Because the more money you spend, the more your daily expenses go up, the more money you borrow to fulfill what you consider to be your needs, the more money you got to earn to keep up with all of it.

And there are you are. Spending the vast majority of your time to earn money, which again you spend mostly to cover your costs & expenses. Welcome to the rat race.

Finding the Exit

The big question is of course, how can you get out of it? There are many points to consider, but the single, major point is to become financially independent. Why is that? Because it has an effect on the single most crucial element that is the true reflection of what freedom is all about: To be able to use your time the way you want to use it.

As I mentioned before, time is your biggest asset, and if you spend the majority of it for work and worries, then it means that you still got that chain around your neck and the cage all around you and that you got to keep this hamster mill spinning just to get by.

Finding the exit is what this blog is all about.

4 thoughts on “Enter The Rat Race

  1. You do a good job of defining the rat race. It’s inherently a part of how the modern world functions.
    My entrance to the rat race saw me actively volunteering, rather than being shoved in. I know better now!


  2. Reminded me of the Matrix, which is a great movie. I could have found a hundred quotes, but this fits nicely:

    Spoon boy – Do not try and bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead… only try to realize the truth.
    Neo – What truth?
    Spoon boy – There is no spoon.


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