Income Streams

Ah, it’s only a few weeks left until my vacation. After 2 long years, this will be the first time to see my family again and for my parents to meet my little daughter. I am truly looking forward to that.

But for now, I keep working 6-days a week with 10-12 hours a day for over a year straight, and since it’s clearly not enough, I was looking for a small side-hustle to add a 3rd income stream to my situation. Why would I do that?

So far, I have created 2 income streams to support my target of safe and hopefully early retirement:

  1. My day job
  2. Dividend income and the occasional stock sales profit

Having more than 1 income stream is important for several reasons and is being propagated by the best investors all around the world.


It’s not only about being able to save more but also to protect your savings in case of job loss, illness or when something unexpected happens. Also, some side-hustles might turn into new and larger opportunities at a later point, especially the more one enjoys doing them.

So, I am glad to announce that I was indeed successful and received a great opportunity to expand my passion for the stock market and dividends into a, well, side-hustle. Starting very soon, I will start to contribute as a freelance writer for The Motley Fool Germany.

The Motley Fool is a great resource for information about stocks, markets, and everything one would need to pursue the target of becoming a successful investor. It started off in the US but is now expanding internationally and I am honored to say that I am going to be a small part of it. Really looking forward to this opportunity.

I might need to have to talk to my wife a little bit though and try to explain why I add another 3-4 hours per week on top of my 60-72 hours that I am doing now. I guess this will be the tougher part.

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