Time makes all the difference

As you most probably know by now, time is our most precious resource. You can be filthy rich, and yet, no matter how much money you can spend, the clock keeps ticking and every day that passed is a day that you won’t get back.

This is why time is the single, most precious asset for any person who stopped worrying about money. Ultimately, this is also the reason why most people who try to free themselves from the rat race hardly talk about getting rich, but talk more about being free. About the freedom to use their time, as their please, and about the privilege to be able to stop exchanging their time for cash.

However, there is one point that requires serious consideration, and along the way, a degree of self-awareness, that many people don’t have. If you really have all the time in the world just for yourself and stop worrying about money, what will you do with your time?

Going to the gym, taking a plunge in a pool, having a coffee in a nice coffee shop, taking a walk with your dog, picking your kid up from school… that’s all great, but at some point, you might start asking yourself what your purpose in life is, if you got no other aim, or target to follow.

If you are about to escape the rat race, what will you do with your time?

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