Everyone is a nobody to somebody

I don’t really remember where I read this quote, but it’s so accurate and so much matching my way of thinking, that I really felt like needing to write about it. Everyone is a nobody to somebody. Why do I consider this important for this blog?

The truth is that nobody cares about who you are…

The rise of social media is, in my opinion, a strong sign that people really feel… well, the right word may be “insignificant”. They might be not fully aware of this, but deep down most of us must know how unimportant we actually are as an individual person. And we are trying to compensate this through social media.

By connecting with thousands of people and bombarding them daily with posts and pictures of what we do, what we eat, where we go and how amazing our lives are, we are desperately trying to stand out from the crowd with the hope that actually anybody cares.

Every “like” we receive is a confirmation of the expected recognition, every comment makes us happy… but in fact, since everybody does that, it’s really meaningless. As long as you are only trying to convince others that you do stand out from the crowd, nobody really cares, no matter how many likes you get.

Don’t be sad or disappointed. There over 7 billion people on this planet, why would you think that you are special? Do you actually care about anyone else from your social media network to a degree that you would actually call this person occasionally? I mean like a real call, having a chat for half an hour? I bet the list of people who would match even only this one simple requirement is really short… it is, therefore, only logical that most of your connections think exactly the same.

… unless you have something that others want

Things change however if you have something that others want or need. Usually, this comes down to only three relevant things: Money, power or influence.

Everybody wants to have more money. Money can not only make your life easy and buy you stuff, but it also can give you access to a better and longer life, even more success (you need money to create more money), a privileged style of living, or simply the convenience of not having the same worries as millions of all other people who have neither money nor power. Money creates a feeling of greed and jealousy.

Power can be generated by money or create money in the process of being executed. It can be physical, intellectual, political or even lethal. Power puts you in control of others in the most direct way possible and is therefore mostly feared but also adored.

Influence can be generated by money and/or power, or it can work out vice versa, creating money and/or power in the process of executing your influence. It’s a sneaky and smart approach that is often being despised in its ways but adored in its results.

If you will be identified as a person with either money, power or influence, your life may change dramatically. But mark my words: Not necessarily for the better.

It’s good to be a nobody

Because once you have been identified, you will become something we call a “public person”. A politician, a billionaire, a movie star… you might be jealous of their glamorous lives, but if you really, reaaaaallly think about it, are you sure that you would want to be a public person?

Having money, power or influence is automatically putting a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. People want some part of it, and hold you responsible for all your achievements. If you become rich, people want to know how you became rich and you can also rest assured that they will judge you on it. Same goes for your power and influence. How you got it and how you use it, with who you share it – everything will become public and in many instances, somebody will want to have his or her cut of it. Whether it will be in the form of taxes, public pressure or even physical or mental enforcement. People will start coming after you.

That’s why when aiming for the riches, I personally would probably never reveal to anyone anything about my success. I will reduce or even completely seize my social media presence, and ensure to live a humble way of life without standing out from the crowd in a too obvious way.

From my point of view, escaping the rat race is about getting your time back for yourself. This just doesn’t happen if you become a public person. This is the reason why I intend to become a nobody once I reached the stage of calling it a day, quitting my job and start following my passions.

There is no real right or wrong here and everyone will have his or her own view on it, so I leave it to you to decide how you will prefer to handle this, once you reach your financial targets. Just make sure that you take a moment and really think about it.

2 thoughts on “Everyone is a nobody to somebody

  1. Thought provoking post. I think we live in the fame age. I’m old enough to remember life before the internet, and never saw a day when I’d have my own blog.

    I imagine social media’s an outlet from the daily grind for many, and a vehicle to channel dreams of stardom for others.

    Some people seem to make a living on instagram, just posting pictures of their puppies. I figure personality type is a big factor.


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